National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign 2013
This Could Be You - An Interactive Life Size AR

This Could Be You

To increase the level on the safety awareness at the workplace, WSH Council was looking for an innovative approach to highlight their message for 2013 - "This could be you if you ignore safety practices at work". We were tasked to create an AR experience to highlight this message.

A life sized AR experience kiosk was created based on 4 different scenarios of what could happen if safety practices were ignored at work were created in AR. They are
i) struck by falling boxes that were not properly stacked,
ii) struck by a reversing vehicle
iii) caught between two rows of storage shelves and
iv) chemical spill and explosion.

The AR scenarios created a realistic feel of the scenarios and the consequences of ignoring the safety practices.

The WSH Council was pleased with the results of the AR experience in highlighting their 2013 campaign message, so much so, the kiosk will be roved around to different parts of Singapore to help increase the safety awareness.