A Markerless AR Tool at <SGD3000!

Stand-alone AR software for 3D professionals

Unifeye Design 2.5 is the completely revised stand-alone software for individual augmented reality presentations and live-marketing applications with only a few mouse clicks. Just import your 3D content and configure your scenario logics - it`s that easy!

Graphical User Interface: with the simple authoring interface, no programming skills are needed

Advanced Image Recognition: apply AR to any standard image/ print, or use the more precise marker tracking mode to cover larger tracking volumes in still images

Face Tracking: get rid of the marker! Overlay 3D content on a user's face

Powerful workflow engine: build your specific scenario workflow via drag & drop functionality

Compatible with 3D software: .wrl 3D file format allows you to import content from almost any 3D software package

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