ExxonMobil was launching their first Signum Lab in Asia Pacific at their Shanghai Technology Centre. We were tasked to create a unique AR experience for the launch as well as a sales tool for their sales personnel.
To increase the level on the safety awareness at the workplace, WSH Council was looking for an innovative approach to highlight their message for 2013 - "This could be you if you ignore safety practices at work".
Timeline Alive allows you to make your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo come alive with the use of Augmented Reality. Use our designer inspired Timeline Cover Photos to add a "Surprise!"" message when your friends view them with their mobile phones!
With Timeline Alive, you can also personalize the "surprise message" to your friends!
“As we’re co-driving rally in New Zealand, we’re really excited to be able to offer stimulating and technology-focused activities for those rally fans out there who are looking to get the most out of their rally experience. Our brand is synonymous with innovation and this is why we have developed the AR and simulator technologies to mark our sponsorship with rally, and we’re looking forward to be able to share these with everyone,” says Graham Walshe, executive chairman of Brother International (NZ) Limited.
Using AR. Lex, the mascot for Wyeth Nutrition's S-26 range of formula came to life for the attendees of the workshop. A mobile photo booth was also setup to let the invited guests take a photo with Lex in different stages as a souvenir of the workshop.