Linceo VR


LinceoVR is the best rendering viewer software that develop the simple rendering viewer software, AR,
Multi Object Control and Material meeting the needs to UI. Also it can be controlled easily in the software.

For example, if you want to communicate smoothly with the clients by making the Prototype model, you can make the object with 3D making tools and then experience and apply the kinds of options(color and material) through LinceoVR. (e.g. car, color/wheel/option of the car). Learn More » 


About seac02
seac02 is an emerging Italian company established in Torino in 2003, seac02 can boast several cooperative arrangements with leading Italian
and international universities and research centres and develops a suite of Virtual and Augmented Realty software products dedicated to the manufacturing, retail, marketing, communication, media and edutainment sectors, offering business management solutions with a highly innovative product portfolio.