The Insects World
is a series of educational AR flash cards created with children aged 3-12 years old in mind. Unlike the conventional flash cards, AR flash cards are printed with an AR marker which links each of these cards to an additional digital interactive content layer on real time basis.


How does it work?


FunAR vol. 1 – The Insects World

FunAR vol.1 - The Insects World is consists of:-
1. The Diminishing World of the Stag Beetle
2. The Busy Honeybee
3. The Wings of the Dragonfl
4. The Life of A Butterfly
5. The Strongest Animal in the World, Rhinoceros Beetle
6. The Colorful and Beneficial Ladybird
7. The Society of the Ant
8. The Predator of the Insect World, Mantis
9. Cricket, the Natural Musician
10. The Songs of the Cicada

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